Tools & software I use everyday.

Here are my favourite tools that I use to get around my day. From work to personal life, I use these every single day and I would recommend them to anyone.


  • 2020 M1 Macbook Air 13"

    I am currently using the M1 Macbook Air I bought back in 2020. Unlike its predecessor Macbook Airs, this M1 version is an incredibly powerful machine quite at par with my older generation 2017 Macbook Pro that I was using before. The M1 chip literally is on another level performance wise. The best thing about this machine? it has no fan (means no heating, no noise).

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 Gb.

    I have not used an Android phone since 2016. Got my first iPhone in 2016 and never looked back. Currntly I am using iPhone 13 Pro Max and have not found the need to upgrade to the latest one. It runs smoothly as expected, has great battery life and the camera is one of the best ones.

  • Apple Magic Keyboard 2

    I am not really a fan of big mechanical keyboards thats why I prefer the more subtle Apple Magic Keyboard. Its lower profile is better for comfort and I can rest my palm on the table while typing for long hours. Plus it connects wirelessly to my Macbook so less wires.

  • Apple Magic Mouse

    Again, I prefer the Magic mouse over other traditional higher profile mouses (or mice?) as I find it more comfortable. The gesture control over its touch surface can be configured for better productivity. You can scroll in all four directions.

  • Alexa Echo Dot

    Probably my favourite gadget on my Workstation. I got it to do pomodoro timers but I end up using it for Music, weather updates, asking quick questions and setting up alarms and reminders.

  • Mi Table Lamp Pro

    Got this one as a gift from my dear friend, Farooq. It sits on my desk and illumiante the background with dim light. You can adjust the light color and intensity. It can also be connected to Alexa and can work on voice commands.

Dev tools

  • VSCode

    I am a self taught programmer. I never knew VSCode existed until a year ago. Before that I was using Sublime text and it was good but when I discovered VSCode and started using it, I felt silly for using Sublime all those years. VSCode is the best IDE. Peroid.

  • WordPress

    My favourite blogging platform and CMS. I built my first site on Wordpress back in 2011 for a student society back in college. Its 2024 and I am still building websites using WP hosted on SiteGround. I occasionally work on client website projects and my first recommendation is to use Wordpress unless they have specific reasons not to.


  • Notion

    I use Notion to organize my entire life. Literally. It has all my finances, meetings, notes, projects, journal, todo list and much more.